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Horn Australia is one of the largest distributors of sewing machine cabinets, craft and quilting tables in the world.

Creating specialised furniture with crafters in mind has allowed us to design for a comfortable yet functional work area. Our unique and innovative product features and our extensive model range ensures there is a cabinet to suit all levels of hobbyist. The special cut-out feature on Horn cabinets when coupled with an insert, allow home sewists the benefit of flatbed sewing – one of the stand out features when purchasing a specialised cabinet.

Perfect for those with limited space, many of cabinets fold away or can be left open for a standout sewing room. Available in a range of finishes to suit your tastes, see why the most popular comments of new owners are, "I don't know how I ever did without it " and "I should have bought one years ago!". Browse the beautiful and functional range of Horn cabinets now.

Horn Australia is owned and operated by SSS Pty Ltd, an Australian sewing and craft wholesaler with over 40 years in the industry, based in Kings Park NSW. Horn Australia originated in Adelaide in 1980 and was owned for over 30 years by Australian privately owned company Addison Corp, before selling to Minda Incorporated in 2014 and is now home with SSS Pty Ltd since 2019.

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