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About Horn Australia

For over 30 years Horn Australia was an Australian privately owned company, owned by Addison Corp. It had had been operating in Adelaide since 1980. 

In 2014 the Horn Australia business was sold to Minda incorporated who is a well-known Adelaide based Incorporated company. 

Minda is well known in Adelaide for creating an environment where people with intellectual disability can embrace and enjoy the experience in life. Please feel free to visit the Minda website to get a more of a understanding how the organisation enriches people lives. 

Horn Australia is one of the largest distributors of sewing machine cabinets, craft and quilting tables in the world.

Staff are long term, loyal employees – committed to quality service. Great pride of workmanship is taken during assembly to ensure the highest quality possible is provided to each customer.

Horn Australia uses a combination of locally sourced and imported components all designed by our Australian engineers. Of course, your major concern is to have a comfortable yet functional work area. Our unique and innovative product features and our extensive model range will ensure that this concern will be fully satisfied. Browse our range of beautiful and functional sewing and craft furniture.

See why the most popular comments of new owners of our cabinets and tables is "I don't know how I ever did without it " and "I should have bought one years ago!"

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