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Outback MKII and Extension Table
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Outback MKII and Extension Table

Outback MKII and Extension Table
Outback MKII and Extension Table Outback MKII and Extension Table
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***The Maxi lifter supplied on this cabinet has a high compression lifter to assit with the heavier sewing machines. It will need a fair bit of pressure to push down on the lifter if a lighter sewing machine is used in this cabinet.

The Outback MKII cabinet is a compact cabinet for all the larger machines which has the Horn maximum lifter and has the extra depth in the cabinet and a full sized back flap for extra support at the rear of the cabinet.

  • Compact cabinet for the larger machines.
  • Extra space at the rear of the cabinet for quilting and sewing
  • Recessed doors to allow no material to get caught on the door trays.
  • Recessed doors give more strength and support to the flaps when opened.
  • Soft edges on the flaps when the cabinet is closed.
  • Australian made door trays for extra storage.
  • Australian made MAXIMUM LIFTER – Large opening for quilting and embroidery machines--cut out size is 61cm x 33cm
  • Unique three position lifter for your sewing machine:
    – stored
    – flat bed sewing
    – free–arm sewing
  • A push is all you need to change sewing positions from storage, to flat bed, to free arm
  • Handy storage for threads and accessories, all within arms reach!
  • On castors; so easy to move around
  • Book and magazine storage
  • Cabinet has more depth than the standard range of sewing cabinets to assist with taller people and give more sewing space when the cabinet is opened.
  • Conditional one year warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Flat Bed Insert is an optional extra (Mega Size Insert is required for this Cabinet)
  • Online sales are RTA (ready to assemble flat pack) cabinets only
  • Please note that Piano Hinge is only supplied with Assembled Cabinets. Please contact us for Prices on Assembled Cabinets.


Extension Table:

The extension table fills in the gap created to the top left hand side of the open cabinet, whilst still providing a compact quilting cabinet.

It is the exact width and length to match the Outback MKII.

When finished simply remove the top and fold up your cabinet to a stylish and compact piece of furniture.


Dimensions when open:

1650mm Wide

1160mm Deep

750mm High

Dimensions when closed:

860mm Wide

560mm Deep

770mm High

Available in the following finishes:

Beech Beech--double sided beech

Baltic Pine  White--double sided white - Currently Out Of Stock


Accessories not included. Specifications may change without notice.

A.B.N 48 001 503 233