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Frequently Asked Questions — Horn Cabinets

What are the Horn cabinets made from?

Horn sewing cabinets are made from high quality 16.5mm particle board which is faced on both sides with hardwearing melamine for excellent durability. The melamine finish comes in various decorator colours and is complemented with metal and plastic fittings which co-ordinate with the melamine finish. Horn uses MDF (medium density fibreboard) for those cabinets with curved edging and these are also finished in melamine with matching high density plastic edging.

Who/where is my nearest Horn dealer?

Simply check the "Dealer Locator" tab for all the Horn sewing & furniture dealers which are listed by state, with the suburbs and phone numbers included.

Are there additional freight charges?

Horn Australia will deliver free to any authorized dealer in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Additional freight charges apply for metropolitan areas of Darwin, Perth and Hobart. Charges for delivery to outer metropolitan areas and country locations apply – Please contact your nearest dealer or Horn Australia for specific details.

Are all Horn Sewing Cabinets "flat packed" RTA (Ready to Assemble) now?

Yes, all our products are available as the RTA version and come in multiple boxes to minimize the individual box weight to below 30Kg for ease of handling.

Can I still buy my Horn Sewing cabinet already assembled?

Yes, all sewing cabinets are available from our warehouse assembled by Horn's own experienced cabinet maker's for an additional charge.

Are the RTA instructions easy?

The instructions provided with each RTA pack are easy to read and simple to follow.
The step by step instructions are supported with clear pictorial descriptions.
All panels are clearly marked (and referenced back to the pictures) to make assembly simple and pleasant.
With some of the larger cabinets and desks, it is beneficial to have another person to help lift and position some of the larger panels.

How do the lifters work?

The lifters work by simply pushing down on the lifter platform that the sewing machine sits on (or pushing down on top of machine) until it" clicks" into place in either the flat bed or stored position. To return the lifter for normal sewing use simply push down on the top of the machine again and the mechanism will then automatically raise the machine to the desired sewing position.

What is Horn Australia's warranty?

Horn has a 1 year conditional warranty on materials and workmanship.

Will my sewing cabinet lifter take the weight of my sewing machine?

Small lifters:
Holds 12kgs (approx)
Lifts 10kgs (approx)

Large Lifters:
Holds 15 kg (approx)
Lifts 13 kg (approx)

Maximum Lifter:
Holds 20kgs (approx)
Lifts 15kgs (approx)

What is an insert – what is the insert holder for?

The insert is a clear plexi glass or acrylic plate which is specifically cut to fit the exact shape of your sewing machine* so that when you lower the machine platform to the flat bed position you can place this insert around your machine and create a flat working surface area level with your needle position. This makes it easy to sew with heavy and/or large fabrics and ensures no material or accessories fall between the machine and the lifter platform.

When the insert is not in use simply slide it behind the insert holder in the back of the cabinet for easy storage. Custom made inserts can be ordered either directly from Horn or from local sewing dealers. Simply specify the make and model of your machine and the model of your cabinet. If not sure of the model of your cabinet measure the length and width of the lifter cutout.

*Whilst we can make custom made inserts for almost all sewing machines there are some models for which inserts are not available.

How do I adjust my lifter for flat bed sewing to suit my machine?



What do I do if my lifter is not moving up or down correctly?

On a newly assembled cabinet you will need to use a little more strength to push down on the lifter to start using it for the first time. Putting your sewing machine on the platform and pushing down with this extra weight will help.

On a older Horn cabinet:



Are spare parts available for the Horn cabinets?

Spare parts are available through Horn dealers. Spare parts are also direct from Horn Australia (minimum fee of $25 applies).
Horn has a limited supply of spare parts for old Horn products.

Can I have a cabinet custom made to suit my own special requirements or made in a different colour?

Our cabinets and panels are manufactured in bulk orders only and we are unable to order in any singular special orders. We do however welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our products and designs to better suit both our sewers and home office customers.

Frequently Asked Questions — Horn Online Cabinets

What are your cabinets made of?

All our quality cabinets are made of MDF with a laminate veneer. This construction makes them light enough to ship, but strong enough to last a life-time.

Do I need to bolt my sewing machine down to the platform in the cabinet for the airlift mechanism to work properly?

No. It is not necessary to bolt your sewing machine down. The Air-Lift will work with or without the sewing machine being bolted down. We recommend that no sewing machine should be bolted down.

What are the 3 positions the Air Lift has for my sewing machine?

The Air Lift has 3 positions for your sewing machine: Storage, Flatbed and Freearm.

Follow these simple instructions to move the Air Lift into the 3 Different Positions:

1) Once your cabinet is fully assembled you can begin moving the Air Lift.

2) To activate the mechanism for the first time open the door on the cabinet and push down with 2 hands on the platform and release, as shown.

3) The top position known as the freearm position usually takes 2 small pushes to activate. The freearm position has more resistance then the other two positions.

4) Once you are comfortable moving the platform up and down into the 3 positions place your sewing machine on the platform.

5) Before moving the platform with your sewing machine on it, check to see that your machine is sitting centered on the platform and will not hit the sides of the cabinet as it moves up and down in the cabinet.

6) Push down on your sewing machine sitting in the cabinet to activate the Air Lift, as shown.

7) Heavier machines (20 kg or more) may move slower then other lightweight machines and may need assistance as they move into the top positions. Heavier machines may require you to lift slightly on the platform or machine to lock the Air Lift into position.

Do the cabinets come fully assembled?

Yes, but only through our dealer network

My Air-Lift mechanism seems stiff and won't lift my machine all the way up, why?

The Air-Lift mechanism does not do all of the lifting; it assists you in lifting the machine. You must lift or press on the machine.

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